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What are intro videos on Youtube and why you need them

Intro is an introduction (video intro) from 3 to 10 seconds at the very beginning of the video. Its goal is to make a video in the same style of the channel, so that the viewer, once getting acquainted with your channel, in the future immediately understands whose video it is. Also, the intro gives the video a certain status and conveys to the reader previously experienced emotions from watching other videos of this channel, immerses the viewer in viewing. Over 500 hours of videos are uploaded to YouTube every minute! To stand out in the sea of ​​content, grab viewers' attention with a creative intro. A short intro that your audience sees at the beginning of your video tells you about the brand, announces the video, and sets you apart from the competition. In time, it can last 3-10 seconds, and its main goal is: to immerse a person in the atmosphere of your video; providing a video title, company or team list; intro promotes recognition of your company among many others (that is, all the intros of your videos should be made in the same style).

To make your YouTube videos recognizable from the first seconds, it is a good idea to start them with the same intro video. It will keep the channel consistent and give your content a more professional look. There are all the necessary tools for preparing an intro of any complexity: applying original effects, adding text, pictures, GIF and clip art, creating animation. What methods are not used by bloggers to gain recognition and popularity on YouTube. Some focus on content, others try to hook the user with a pleasant design, and still others play on the brand. In fact, all methods are good. Each of you has the right to use those methods that he considers effective.

An intro is a video intro that prepares the viewer for watching. The purpose of creating such titles is to develop a uniform recognizable style on the channel so that viewers can immediately understand who the video belongs to. The intro can only contain the name and slogan, or also include the title of the video. The duration of the screensaver should not exceed 10 seconds. As the name implies, the intro is inserted at the very beginning of the clip, although some authors first record a short greeting and then embed the intro. Many YouTube viewers may have noticed that professional video hosting authors have a few seconds of each video set aside for showing a short insert that conveys the essence of its content. It is called differently: the opening screen saver, intro or opening.

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