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Launch one of the available applications by clicking on the buttons above the editor window.

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Record Screen Video using the functionality offered in the application - create or edit a video.

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What is screen video recording and why you might need it

New technologies are replacing standard teaching methods. Courses, training programs can be recorded from a computer, shared on the network, and sent to other users. Capturing video from a monitor screen with sound is suitable for recording games, preparing presentations, creating videos. Programs and browser applications are used as tools. Need to record a presentation at work or want to share a walkthrough of your favorite game with your friends? To record images from your computer, you need a dedicated application.

Programs for recording video from a laptop or computer screen are used to create training videos, instructions for solving problems with the operating system or applications. They allow you to select the area of ​​video capture, format and resolution of video files, as well as record audio. It's easier not to explain, but to quickly record a video and send it to a messenger or social network. If you learn how to use all the functions of such services, then it turns out very well. Monitor video capture can be needed for a variety of purposes. Videos of PC desktop activity are used in instructional videos, web courses, video presentations, and business readouts. It is not difficult to create such clips, you just need a suitable program to record your computer screen.

The only drawback that I want to note is the lack of a built-in editor. But if you need to trim or somehow change the finished recordings, you can use special video editing software. To record video from the monitor screen, it is not necessary to stand in front of it with a camera (as in the preview picture on the left), now there are hundreds of programs that will not only shoot all the video (what is displayed on the screen), but also record the sound output to the speakers and headphones ... Screen recorder apps are useful for gamers, bloggers, computer service technicians, and anyone else who wants to capture broadcasted actions and share them with other users.

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