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What is video merging and why you might need it

Users often want to merge videos online for free. Now there are many services for this task. Free Video Editor will help you merge videos online for free and without registration. Filmed several episodes from the holiday and want to combine them into a single film? VideoVinci will allow you to do this beautifully and neatly. The editor offers many handy tools for flexible video editing. With the help of numerous functions, you can not only create a complete video sequence, but also beautifully design it for showing to friends and family.

Want to combine multiple videos into one? For example, you need to prepare a video birthday greeting from several video files from different people? Or have you filmed many videos yourself during your vacation trip and now want to combine them into one movie? Without registration, watermarks and installation of programs, you will merge videos by combining videos with photos and free music online. It is very simple and will take very little time. And if you need to combine video of the same type (shot with a camera or smartphone), the program will do everything without encoding, i.e. quickly and without loss of quality.

In the process of working with various videos, we may need to combine videos into one coherent video sequence. Of course, a similar operation can be performed using popular video editors. But what to do in a situation when there are no such programs on our PC? In this and similar cases, specialized network services will help. The resulting video can be downloaded to your computer, published on Youtube, posted on social networks, and so on. Combining multiple videos into one is a primitive procedure, so it can be done using online services. True, if we are talking about rollers that are small in duration and weight (no more than 10-15 minutes in general). If you need to compose several videos into a full-fledged film, we still recommend using special programs.

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