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What is Green Screen Video and why you might need it

Today, when high technologies are at their peak, the need to create expensive decorations disappears. Many tasks can be solved with the help of chroma key. The technology involves combining several images into a single composition by replacing and combining backgrounds. Chromakey has become a common feature of video production - from home blogs to professional film studios. Today, the accuracy of chroma key technology opens up new opportunities for the film industry, saves huge amounts of money on the work of editors, decorators and designers - creating a computer background is much easier and cheaper.

The idea behind using a chroma key is simple: you shoot a person or other object against a green background, transfer the image to your computer, and use software to replace the green background with whatever you want. In simple words, Chromakey is a special technology for combining and editing multiple images to obtain the final result in the form of a finished picture or video. This technology allows you to create almost any background and implement computer special effects. Due to its efficiency and relative cheapness, this technology is now used in the filming of almost all films and TV series. In addition to the film / television industry, chromakey / keying is actively used by all kinds of video bloggers to create high-quality content in the absence of a professional studio.

The technology allows you to combine live filming with computer graphics, which significantly reduces the cost of video production or makes it possible to recreate scenes and objects that do not exist in reality. First, the actors are filmed against a solid background, and then the background is replaced in a computer program and visual effects (VFX) are added. Keying, as it is also called, is widely used to create effects in cinema, as well as in commercial, advertising photography. In this case, the background is a blue or green screen, which is cut out during editing, and the background that you want to see is inserted in its place.

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