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What is text in video and why you might need to add it

According to research, 85% of Facebook videos are watched without sound. So how do you get your message across to your audience? Add text to video! Most users watch videos on social media in silent mode, and this is changing the way marketers create videos - now they need to be accompanied by subtitles. Unless, of course, you want the video to get as many views as possible. And this is precisely the reason for the popularity of creating videos in the form of slideshows.

The presence of text in the video allows you to immediately show the viewer what the video is about and keep their attention longer. According to research, videos with text get 40% more views than videos without text. And adding text to a video makes it accessible to everyone - after all, about 350 million people in the world are deprived of the opportunity to hear.

Overlaying text on video is one of the most important functions that a modern video editor should have. Many of us have seen videos in which comments are added in the form of text that appears or moves on the video. In the mode of adding subtitles, we write our text, on the left side we edit it by spelling and color, on the temporary track we set the beginning of the appearance and the end. Want to tell viewers where the movie takes place or add credits with the names of the participants? Or maybe you are creating a video postcard and want to decorate it with an exquisite congratulation? In all these cases, you will need the function of overlaying text on the video.

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