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What are video watermarks and why do you need them

In this article, I'm answering a subscriber's question on how to watermark your YouTube channel in your videos. This is one of the elements of advertising your channel on YouTube and to attract subscribers. Watermarking your video is pretty easy considering that there are many free software out there. A watermark is a translucent picture or image that is usually found in the corner of a video without interfering with the user viewing the content. Often, a watermark is just a translucent inscription with the name of the site or group (or logo + inscription), which is in place all the time the video continues. Since the watermark is very difficult to remove, your videos will either not be stolen, or anyone who steals them will advertise your site or group for free (which in principle is also good).

Why do videos need a watermark? Usually, to mark someone else's authorship when uploading a video to the public, to mark a network resource associated with this video, or just in case. A watermark is called because of its transparency - it does not hide the original information. You can embed a watermark not only in a video, but also in a photo, thus protecting it from unauthorized copying. The software supports all known video formats, simultaneous processing of several elements is possible. When you need to create a watermark, it's important to do it quickly. Luckily, this software allows you to add text, logo, image, picture or watermark to your video. You can use batch mode to add watermark to multiple videos at the same time.

Video content creators know how difficult it is to come up with an original idea for a video that will attract new viewers. Therefore, it is doubly offensive when, after publishing a video clip, you see your creation in someone else's account without mentioning the authorship. But you can fight this! In particular, the most common way is the imposition of watermarks - special marks, logos or signatures about your authorship. Watermarking is one of the best media content copyright protection. Ideally, it should be barely visible (transparent). You can spend a few days creating a video, and then find it on someone's video channel. To avoid becoming a victim of theft, you need to protect the videos with a watermark.

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