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What is Image to Video converting and why you might need it

Some users may need to create a colorful clip from a number of their photographs, providing this visual series with vivid and memorable music. Want to collect your best shots and turn them into a colorful movie with text and music? Or maybe you have long dreamed of making your loved ones happy with a video postcard, but you don’t know how it’s done? You will be able to take pictures, videos, gifs, pictures and melodies. There is a flexible handy tool for animating pictures. The program has a collection of templates, effects and filters, transitions, beautiful titles and screensavers, as well as an audio library.

Do you want to make a sincere congratulation for your friends, colleagues or loved ones? Surely you will find beautiful pictures that capture a joint vacation. Give your loved ones fond memories by creating a beautiful slideshow. After any event or celebration, you can make a memorable video, even if there was no videographer. It is enough that there are photos, but they will be from a professional photographer or from smartphones of friends - it does not matter. Once you've assembled a photo slideshow, you can add text, an introductory slide with the title and date of the event, an animated cover, and much more. So instead of the usual folder with photos, you get an interesting video from the event - with a description and animated elements.

Thanks to the development of modern technologies, each of us has the opportunity to capture literally any moment of our life, but you can surprise and attract the attention of others only with the help of truly unusual photos or by creating a slideshow of photos online. A photo slideshow in the classical sense is a beautiful video clip created from several dozen photographs united by one theme, where the appearance of images is accompanied by beautiful music and various special effects. With the functionality of this professional application, it is easy to create a high-quality presentation or slideshow, educational video tutorial or a beautiful clip from your videos and photos. The program has a large selection of collages, animated screensavers, effects, titles and transitions.

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