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Delete audio in video using the functionality offered in the application - create or edit a video.

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What is muting video and why you might need it

From time to time, many modern people ask themselves the question: How to remove sound from a video? Such a desire may arise when watching a home video, spoiled by extraneous sounds, speech or conversations of neighbors. Of course, if each of us took a training course to become a director, then this would not have happened, not each of us is a born virtuoso of working with a camera. To process an audio or video track, you should use special editors.

Sound and picture in any video file are always two parallel tracks. Sometimes the sound spoils a good frame due to changes in volume, wind, distortion, or simply a bad microphone. If the original audio track does not suit you, then you can remove the sound from the video with an online editor. Here's how to do it in the easiest way. When can you need it? First of all, when you need to remove the original track from the video and add a new soundtrack. Let's take a look at how to remove audio from a video in a few simple steps.

Suppose you have a video and you want to remove sound from it, completely cut out the audio track. This can be done with the help of various video editors, such as Sony Vegas, Movie Maker, Adobe Premier, etc. But is it worth, because of this, in general, a banal operation, to install additional software on your computer, which, by the way, is not free at all. It is much easier and more efficient in this case to use online services! Recording videos in high quality is not a problem today, even if you only have a smartphone at your fingertips. Recording videos with good sound is a real challenge. Background noise, wind whistling and even a microphone accidentally covered with a finger can blur the impression of a beautiful video sequence. As a result, during editing, the task often arises to remove the audio track from the video, replacing it with voice comments or music.

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