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What is Video Stock Library and why do you need it

It happens that a couple of frames, a plan, or a piece of footage are missing before the perfect video clip. And what - to call the operator again and roll out the chroma key? Of course not! Video stocks are just for such cases. You can buy the necessary video footage on the stock, or even download the stock video for free. We will provide you with basic information on using stock video from each vendor: make sure you check the specific license agreements before using any stock image or video. They can be quite different, and it's worth making sure that any use of the video is right for your project in terms of license!

If you create videos for advertising or personal use, then you probably know how difficult it can be to find really cool and high-quality video material, especially in the public domain. One of the most popular stocks on the Internet, where you can find very good quality free footages. All videos are stylish, modern and beautiful - from stunning landscape photography to enticing shots of freshly prepared food. Wildlife footage, stunning cityscapes at night and more in our selection of free video footage libraries for any independent filmmaker.

Free video content is published under a Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license. Therefore, you do not need permission to use or modify the video. Video content has become the trend of the outgoing year, and everything leads to the fact that this trend will only intensify in the coming year, and the demand for high-quality videos and animations will become even higher. We are sure that many of you will find this useful for working on your own projects. The mission of the project is to help work and develop millions of designers, entrepreneurs, artists and authors. The creators of the platform provide free and gratuitous access to a huge library of videos that can be used for sites, applications and presentations.

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