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What are Facebook Video Ads and why you need one

Since the advent of the Internet, competition for the same audience to drive leads, drive sales, and increase customer engagement has steadily increased. Digital companies can no longer rely on word of mouth and other organic traffic to achieve their sales goals. Facebook video ads are a great tool for attracting customers to your business or the project you are promoting. The final result depends on what purpose of the advertising campaign you choose. If you're one of Facebook's 1 billion active users, then you've probably come across video content in your news feed. Therefore, there is no need to explain how important it is to improve sales and optimize profits with Facebook video ads, a critical marketing tool.

Videos need to be optimized for viewers. To select a video to promote, just post it first and look at the organic reach. Facebook video ads are divided into two main types: in-stream and out-stream videos. The first type - in-stream - is shown directly inside the video that the user is watching: pre- and post-rolls, etc. Out-Stream ads are ads that are embedded in the content on the site. Using this internet marketing tool, you can reach up to 2 billion social network users. It now has exactly the number of registered users. It is clear that there are many clones, but the figure is still amazing, even if we discard a quarter of this amount.

Statistics confirm the correctness of the calculations of the Facebook management: 87% of marketers noted an increase in traffic to the site thanks to video content. Users publish these videos on their page, they are displayed in the news feed of friends, they can be shared. However, feed videos attract less organic reach than, for example, paid ads. But they are indexed well in search engines, so if your profile is filled with a video about a product, users are more likely to get to it through a request in a search engine. Facebook has over 4 billion daily video views. Moreover, Facebook compared to YouTube in terms of views on desktop computers. Facebook is ahead of popular video hosting in terms of monthly viewing time on mobile devices.

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