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What is Stop Motion Video and why do you need it

Recently, stop motion has become more and more popular. This is a good technique to grab the attention of viewers and. Moving pictures are used in advertising, in the accounts of popular bloggers, in training videos, in Instagram stories. What it is and how to remove stop motion at home - we will consider in this article. Think of any brand - from H&M to Google to Tiffany - and you're guaranteed to find stop-motion animations with them. And most importantly: this format can cost you several times cheaper than any other animation. It doesn't need a lot of expensive equipment, huge pavilions and film crews. The animation technique is quite simple, but it takes patience and a lot of practice. The operator creates a series of photographs by moving or transforming objects between frames - by millimeters. If you combine all the photos into a video track, you get a frame with moving objects. To create one second of video, from 17 to 30 photos are taken.

Stop motion is a time-lapse technique where objects are moved in sequence and photographed at each stage. Then the series of shots is glued together, and the audio track is superimposed on it. Basically, it's just a series of fast moving images. Remember notebooks with pictures that, when quickly scrolled through, began to come to life? The principle is the same. Over the past 10 years, stop motion has again begun to appear actively in clips, advertisements and animation. People were fed up with complex graphics, the quality level of which sometimes left much to be desired. Video content in social networks is in demand today. Only it is difficult to do it: you need to learn editing, look for people who look normal in the frame. This is a whole process for which specialists usually take a lot of money. And it's not always good to shoot a video yourself.

But not everything is so sad. It helps all those who want to make video content for Instagram without problems, the stop-motion technique. These are animated videos that are assembled from photographs in a specific sequence. Stop motion is indispensable for commercial accounts. If you sell baby clothes, souvenirs, phones, whatever. Such videos, firstly, catch attention with their uniqueness, and secondly, they make it possible to show the product from different angles in an interesting way, and thirdly, they are suitable for a short video format that can be posted on Instagram or TikTok.

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