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What is promo video and why you might need it

In this text, I propose to figure out what a cool promo video is, what characteristics should it have and what is needed to create it? A good script is like a good story. If your story is retelling by ear in an interesting way, then this is a great result. If not, write again. Remember, a miracle is unlikely to happen, and the director and cameraman will remove a masterpiece from your weak script. It is important to look for examples that are similar in concept to your product. Ordinary advertisements or videos from bloggers will not have the desired effect and achieve the set goal.

A promotional video is a short promotional video, the meaning of which is to promote a product or service. The purpose of the promotional video is to influence the target audience, which motivates them to take the action the customer needs. Unlike standard advertising, this format actively uses artistic techniques and presents information in a playful way. The creation of a promotional video begins with the development of the concept. Sometimes the customer offers a ready-made concept, but more often the company does not have a clear idea of ​​the project. Then the idea should be formed during the discussion. It turns out that you can make a video - for a post, story, or advertisement - without expensive equipment and the help of a videographer. You don't even need to learn complex programs like Camtasia Studio or Adobe Premiere for this. There are simple online constructors where you can quickly: select the desired template, select a video / photo from the gallery, add animation, text, music, save a file of the desired size and format.

Do you have your own small business or start-up, are you launching a prototype or a new product to the market? Do you need to properly present your project? Do you want to do it at the lowest cost? Video Maker is an online service where you can quickly make videos for social networks or a website without the help of specialists. Constructors are available to beginners and do not require any serious skills - their work can be figured out in less than 1 day. Promo video is a category of promotional videos that presents a content product or service to a potential audience of buyers. And if we consider that 96% of users get acquainted with the video before buying a product, this is an irreplaceable advertising format. In addition, such a promotion tool has an overwhelming conversion - 35% of viewers really believe the information conveyed in promo videos.

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