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What are Testimonial Videos and why you need them

Video reviews from customers are the most powerful communication tool of the company. They are trusted more, they are better remembered. Customers use video reviews to advertise you to partners, colleagues, and friends. A review can: Encourage the seller to close more deals. build confidence in your company; motivate staff; have a direct impact on improving the company's product, service; prioritize development and understand business growth points. Video feedback as a marketing tool is one of the most popular methods for letting existing customers talk about you and your business. If you are already confident enough in yourself and your work and you have something to brag about, our experience will be useful for you: we are happy to share the scheme for creating video reviews in this article.

To turn a boring, standard video testimonial into an interesting and unique story, you need to change the way you create it. Instead of praising, which always sounds the same, you want the client to tell their story using different triggers. Before you buy a product or service, you start looking for information, compare offers. A person, as a rule, has a lot to choose from, and he does it somehow: Compares parameters, doubts, looks for the best. You, too, probably do not take the first product or service that comes across, you choose and everyone does it in their own way. In this part of the review video, the client can tell how he chose, what are his main criteria, etc.

In the era of video content, textual reviews can generate less credibility than video-based opinions about a product or service received from a company's existing and experienced customers. It is impossible to fabricate a video feedback with a real person, signed by his real name and surname, unlike text laudatory comments. Whatever business you do, in the harsh conditions of the modern market, it is simply impossible for you to find a completely free niche and you cannot do without competition. And therefore, each company tries to find as many ways as possible to declare itself and attract customers. And one of the most effective is maintaining your own YouTube channel.

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