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What is video maker and why do you need it

Looking to create your first instructional video? Or have you already mastered a couple of tools and are considering expanding your video arsenal? We have studied and compared dozens of video creation programs and made a selection. Surely, you have always wondered how professional videos, special effects for Hollywood blockbusters, screensavers of your favorite TV shows and clips of popular artists are created? Meet the main tools of motion design masters. Of course, in addition to straight arms and creative thinking. This is an introductory article for those new to the topic, if you first saw the videos of our studio or just started to study video design and wanted to learn.

Video editors, work with which does not require professional skills and a lot of time. Making a video doesn't have to be a massive investment or time-consuming process. There are many free services that you can quickly learn. To make a film that is pleasant to show to relatives and friends, it is not enough just to record something on the camera. Excessive episodes, abrupt transitions from one part to another, insufficiently good picture quality or extraneous sounds - all this must be corrected before showing the video to the audience. It is most convenient to edit video material in a specialized program. Most programs have an English interface, but that shouldn't scare you.

Video advertising is gaining more and more traction: users respond better to video than to static images and banners, and ad systems are constantly increasing the number of video formats. VideoVinci is a simple free editing software that supports many media formats. In it, you can add video files, audio tracks and images and combine them into a single movie. In the built-in editor, you can split a clip into several parts, trim the file, adjust brightness and contrast, add text and subtitles. There is a large collection of various presets for one-click processing and a library of transitions.

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