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What are video templates and why do you need them

The best and high-quality footage for video editing, high resolution and compatibility with all video editors, will allow you to quickly create a presentation or greeting video. Video Effects Packs help you create a real movie or cartoon for the community on social media. Attracting customers is not easy, most users won't watch your video until the end if you don't have an attractive video intro. By making an attractive and unique video, we get a better chance that viewers will watch our video to the end.

Video content does not leave trends from year to year, the demand for it is only growing. Promo videos, video reviews, screencasts, video presentations are relevant everywhere: on YouTube, in social networks and on websites. When creating a video for a business, it is not always possible to work with your own footage. Or spend time and effort rendering unique transitions and splash screens. At the same time, the use of someone else's video content can violate copyrights and lead to unpleasant consequences: blocking a YouTube channel, litigation, etc. The solution is to take available content on video stocks.

Video advertising is gaining more and more traction: users respond better to video than to static images and banners, and ad systems are constantly increasing the number of video formats. To edit a commercial, video clip, film, TV report or any other video, you may need footage - raw video material that will be used as a background, an insert, a superimposed special effect. More and more often, site covers are not a static picture, but a looped video fragment, sometimes they are decorated with an animated background. Stock videos save you when you need to make a presentation or just add variety to your own video. But finding the right content without the cost is not easy.

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