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How to remove Background from Video

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Remove Background from Video using the functionality offered in the application - create or edit a video.

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What is removing video background and why you might need it

Removing the background is a fairly common operation both when processing photos and when working with video materials. The main difference is that when working with video, you are not dealing with a single image, but with a sequence of frames that differ from each other. If you shoot videos, webinars, vlogs, then you definitely had to think about how to replace the background. This may be necessary for streaming, creative clips, or real-time conferences. And all you need to do this: a solid background, a picture to change and a free program for chroma key.

The creators of the service, which allows you to quickly remove or replace the background from photos, presented a similar tool for GIF animations and videos. The service is called Unscreen, and it is available completely free of charge. So far, it is basic and free, but paid options are coming soon: Full HD resolution, long files, disabling watermarks, API. The Unscreen service has appeared on the network, which automatically removes the background from the video or cuts the object from your original video in a couple of mouse clicks in a few seconds. No skills or video editors required.

The main task of Unscreen is to automatically separate people from the background, on the resulting video it can be replaced with another video, animation or any static image. Unscreen also works on the basis of neural network technology and currently only supports the following video formats: .mp4, .webm, .ogg, .gif. The finished result can be downloaded for free, but it will contain the service watermark. After the background is removed, you can replace it with any other background.

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