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What is split-screen video and why you might need it

Inexperienced users think that for a cool editing you need to be a professional with 10 years of experience and a computer for half a million rubles. In fact, anyone can make a dynamic video with modern special effects. The need to combine several videos arises when you need to: show what is happening in two locations at the same time (for example, two parallel football matches); add your own or someone else's double for dramatic effect; illuminate an event from several angles (for example, a trick on a skateboard); bring new characters and effects to the frame.

Split Screen is a split screen effect that is actively used in editing films and videos. The technique allows you to combine in one frame objects that cannot be filmed at the same time, in one scene. Each of the parts is filmed separately and combined on the screen during processing or immediately online. Picture-in-picture mode is one of the most convenient inventions of recent times. Thanks to such multitasking, you can simultaneously consume two types of content at once, work with texts and watch videos on YouTube, or play and at the same time watch the long-awaited series in the corner of the screen!

Most often, editors are faced with the need to insert video into video. Many are probably familiar with such stories when there is some insertion of another against the background of one video. A similar effect is called picture-in-picture. Today we will try to figure out how to do this. In news bulletins and entertainment videos, the picture-in-picture effect is often used, when an additional clip or photo is superimposed on the main videophone. Thus, you can demonstrate what the lesson is talking about, or uniqueize the video, which will be relevant if you use footage from the film and are afraid of violating copyright.

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