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What are pictures in videos and why you might need them

Among the requests on the World Wide Web related to video editing, one of the most frequent is: how to add a picture to a video. This function is popular due to the general increased interest in the art of video editing and the fact that the original picture can radically change the idea of ​​a mini-movie. Sometimes the task arises - to add a picture to the video, for example, your logo. This is very easy in VideoVinci. When working with multimedia, many users are faced with the need to combine various media formats with each other, saving the result in a single file. Users often need to, for example, overlay a photo on a video online or perform these actions on a computer.

The image is placed over the video so that it is displayed during video playback in full or only in some parts of the movie. To perform such an operation, a video editor is required. How to insert a picture or logo into a video. If you need to overlay a picture with transparency on a video, use PNG images with an alpha channel. To adjust the scale of the picture, drag the cursor over the yellow squares on the outline of the image in the preview area. To move a picture by frame, click on the picture in the preview area, and without releasing the mouse button, drag it to the desired location.

There are tons of ways to make your video more colorful, original and interesting. Customize animation, smooth transitions, music. Let's talk about another tool that can transform a video - adding a picture or photo. It allows you to solve a lot of problems from masking a shooting defect to filling the semantic gap between parts of a video. Do you want to add a picture or photo over the video?

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