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How to change Video Speed

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What is video speed and why you might need to change it

Do you need to speed up your video to create a comic moment or to fit a large number of fragments in a short period of time? This way you can tell the story without dragging out the clip. Also, acceleration may be required to create the time-lapse effect, which is now popular on YouTube, Instagram and TikTok. Slowing down or speeding up a video is the easiest way to turn trivial footage into magical one. We are happy to watch the changed frames, because we usually see reality differently. You can slow down or speed up the captured video in the video editor. And if you filmed with a smartphone, then you can do it right in your phone using special mobile applications.

Accelerated footage helps change the perception of reality and gives your video a magic effect. Remember how you watched on the screen how a newly planted sprout rises or the sun, quickly burning out, falls over the horizon? Accelerating or slowing down video frames is often used in movies or music videos, as well as in educational courses. This is a great way to create a comic effect or focus the viewer's attention on a particular moment. If you also want to master this editing technique, we suggest considering options for how to slow down or speed up video on a computer or mobile devices.

Surely, when watching movies or music videos, you paid attention to the slow motion effect in the frame. Many bloggers have picked up this trick and use it to highlight interesting or important points in a video. They also sometimes speed up frames - this is required in order to reduce the length of the action. All these techniques help to diversify the video and do not let the viewer get bored. If you also want to apply this trick to your clips, you need a video accelerator program.

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