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What is corporate video and why do you need it

Corporate video is a general category of video production that includes corporate and presentation films, videos about the company and filming from various business events (presentations, exhibitions, meetings with partners, etc.). The main volume of orders of the Videoglobal studio falls on the production of corporate video. Dozens of companies organize events every day, open new stores and branches, participate in exhibitions and conduct advertising campaigns. To cover all these events, we are offered to make a corporate video either for the needs of the company, or to demonstrate to a wider audience.

The first step is to decide on the concept and goals of the video. For example, positioning Impressing potential customers and showing the company as a promising employer is too vague. Think about the real benefits of your brand or product. For example, if a company has a powerful technological production, then it is necessary to build on this. If you have strong employees, then build a concept around a team of professionals. The more accurately you formulate the very idea of ​​what you want to convey to the viewer, the clearer the methods for achieving goals will be.

Historical - a corporate video, in which the priority is given to the history of the company. Naturally, the story must be long enough and dramatic enough for this video to really impress. The structure of the video is usually built on a chronological sequence: past → present → future. Archival photos and video materials of the company can be used in the video. Presentation - a corporate video, in which priority is given to the achievements of the company, in particular, a detailed presentation of the latest products and services. Reputational - a corporate video, in which priority is given to the company's values, used innovations, approach to working with clients, quality of service and other image components. This video helps the company to stand out among the huge number of similar companies.

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