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What is video background and why you might need it

Load the video you want to edit into the program. Please note that only video recording with a solid background is suitable for work. Then specify the path to the video, which will become a new background. Next, the program will prompt you to choose a background color for replacement: click on the desired shade on the freeze frame and go to the next step. You just have to adjust the position and scale of the video and achieve the perfect combination of layers, choosing the optimal settings.

Do you want to create fantastic films without expensive equipment and trips to exotic countries? You can easily transfer the action of a video from an ordinary apartment to anywhere in the world or even to a fictional world thanks to a chroma key. Chroma Key is a tool that allows you to identify a solid background and replace it with a different footage. It opens up incredible, almost limitless possibilities for filmmakers. It is thanks to the chroma key that we can enjoy modern cinema masterpieces.

If you shoot videos, webinars, vlogs, then you definitely had to think about how to replace the background. This may be necessary for streaming, creative clips, or real-time conferences. And all you need to do this: a solid background, a picture to change and a free program for chroma key. The main video (for which we will change the background) must be recorded in a special way: the background must be monochromatic (for example, green, blue, white, etc.). It is highly desirable that the background does not overlap with the colors of the clothes and hair of the person who is recorded in this video. After processing, the file will be downloaded to your computer automatically. You can post it on the website or on social networks.

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