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Edit Videos using the functionality offered in the application - create or edit a video.

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What is video studio and why do you need it

The programs with which the video data is edited are called video editors. Such video editors have the ability to perform any operation with a video clip (for example, cut off an extra piece of a video track) and save the changes to a video file. There are also full-fledged programs with functionality sufficient for amateur movie editing. Free video editors are easy to use and geared towards common users. With their help, you can make a video, crop video, cut frames, merge several videos into one clip, create video from images and music, add titles and effects. Almost all powerful paid video editors have a trial version. You can use them for free for informational purposes for a certain period of time or with limited functionality.

VideoVinci can quickly work with video fragments, so it is great for creating TV shows, news and videos for your blog. The editor has a large number of tools for synchronizing video and sound, overlaying video effects, and simultaneously working with video clips from different sources. Video editors allow you to create and add titles, perform color correction of the image, mix sound and create special effects. Professional video editors can synchronize audio with images using timecode. With the advent of video editing software, every creative person can create unique videos. All it takes is a computer and some inspiration.

All basic functionality is available without registration, without watermarks and inscriptions with the name of the site. Everything works online without downloading and installing programs, moreover, it is absolutely free. Here you will find both an easy-to-use free video editor for beginners and dedicated software with a wide range of professional tools for professionals. The editor should support not only the most popular extensions - .mp4, .avi, but also more rare formats. At first glance, the software may seem complicated - it is so functional and powerful. but in a few days you will probably already be working with your eyes closed. This professional software has almost all the tools to work with your video project.

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