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How to add Animated Text to Video

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What is animated text and why you might need to add it

It's easy and fun to create original videos with animated text. The days when you needed a team of designers and animators to create a quality video are gone. VideoVinci video editor has dozens of text samples, background templates, professional photos and detailed video instructions so that you can create your creative video in just 10 minutes. Video is increasingly becoming a key factor in purchasing decisions. First, potential customers pay attention to a high-quality video, then the animated text draws attention to important information, and the originality and accessibility of the video pushes the viewer to make a decision to get to know your brand better.

Animated text in videos can be a great solution to bring your videos to life and boost their creativity. Animated videos get the viewer's attention and hold on to it faster. The user becomes curious to see what's next. Using animated videos, you can inform potential customers about discounts or important information, store operation, promotions or new products for your brand. It is important that the animation is fluid, bright, and the sentences short. After Effects has a collection of ready-made text effects, but you can also animate text manually.

Out-of-the-box visual storytelling is the cornerstone of today's leading online communities. Creative ways of presenting content, such as adding live text and animation effects, are a great way to bring identity to your articles, stories, and photo and video posts on social media. If your activity is in one way or another related to the processing of footage, the development of compositions, animation, the creation of various video effects, or you just want to start your acquaintance with animation, then lessons on working with text will be useful to you.

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