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What are video transitions and why you might need to add it

Transitions play a very important role in the installation. When used correctly, they help the viewer follow the story, enhance the dramatic effect, and also serve to create many tricks (for example, the disappearance and appearance of objects in the frame). Incorrect editing can confuse the viewer. Before shooting, you need to think about where and what transitions you will use to shoot the necessary material from the right angles and the right length. Since transitions are used not only in cinematography, but also in amateur photography, you may be interested in how to make them yourself.

The transition from one shot to the next has a huge psychological impact on the viewer. It can be seamless, creating instant transitions between different locations or angles. These transition effects can be both annoying and relaxing to the viewer. It all depends on what kind of emotion you want to get. With the proliferation of affordable camcorders and video editing software, there are new possibilities for creating transitions. Not all of them will fit an arbitrary video, but all have a right to life.

When making a movie, you must decide how the beginning and the end will be framed. For example, is there just an abrupt stop at the end of the movie, or does the picture fade into black? The same at the beginning of the video. After clicking the Play button, does it just start right away, or does it fade out of a white or black background? You also have to decide how the transition from clip to clip will occur - an instant jump, or a smooth replacement of the next clip with the next? Of course, it all depends on the type of movie you are making, but in general, adding transitions like this allows you to give your movie a more polished look.

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