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How to add Progress Bar to Video

Upload video

Launch one of the available applications by clicking on the buttons above the editor window.

Make edits

Add Progress Bar to Video using the functionality offered in the application - create or edit a video.

Download result

After you finish working with the application, do not forget to save the result and download the video.

What is a progress bar and why you might need it

Loading bar, loading status or as it is called - progress bar or status bar. The progress bar can be used to inform the user about the progress made during the execution of a task. This indicator is used only in the case of deterministic tasks, i.e. tasks whose scope is known and the percentage of work completed can be accurately determined. It should be animated from left to right and as fluid as possible. If the animation stops for a long time, the user may think that the progress is frozen and will not wait.

You can minimize the timeline in the editor and even detach it from the scene. This is especially useful when editing video on a computer with two monitors - you can run a preview of the project on one monitor, while continuing the processing on the other.

Sometimes you need to add a countdown (timer) or just a stopwatch to a video (for example, you need to measure the time of an event on a video. This is all easily implemented in the VideoVinci video editor.

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