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What is video compression and why do you need it

If movies and clips take up too much space on your computer's hard drive or mobile device's memory card, you need to reduce the size of the video file. Heavy files present us with a number of difficulties. It is convenient to watch movies and TV shows on your phone or computer anytime, anywhere, but we are often hampered by the lack of memory on the device. Video is a combination of many individual frames that are played back at a specific rate. The size of the final file depends on the image resolution, codec and format. In this regard, many people have a question about how to compress video without losing quality.

Any video consists of many static pictures that replace each other every second during playback. This process is called video streaming. To compress it, you need to reduce the amount of data transmitted per unit of time (bitrate). You should also choose the appropriate resolution for comfortable playback. After all, if you watch a movie or TV series on a small screen (for example, on a computer), then you will not feel the difference in quality between 4K and Full HD. Although the size will differ at times.

The weight of the video is primarily influenced by such parameters as duration, resolution, codec, color rendition. To minimize the loss of quality during compression, you can recode the movie with a more efficient codec. If you intend to view your movie on a device with a small screen, it is a smart idea to reduce the frame size. All this can be done in Video Converter, it allows you to quickly and efficiently compress video online. Programs work with objects of any format, but the principle of compression is based on changing the bitrate parameter or converting to another codec. Such manipulations lead to a slight decrease in the quality of the video.

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