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What is video resizing and why you might need it

One of the main characteristics of any video file is the frame size (resolution), that is, the number of horizontal and vertical points from which the picture is formed in it. Generally, the higher the video resolution, the better the image quality. For example, a 4K video is 3840 x 2160 pixels (or shortened to 3840x2160). High definition video is not well suited for distribution on the web. It consumes a lot of server resources, and its online viewing is possible only with a fast network connection. Did you want to upload a video to a website or a mobile device, but this requires changing the video resolution? There is nothing complicated in this procedure if you have VideoVinci at hand.

When watching videos, among other data, you probably met numbers: 720x480, 1280x720, 1920x1080 and others. This is the definition of permission, but what does it mean and why change it? Any digital image is a certain set of dots (pixels) that add up to a single picture. The more such points per unit area, the clearer and more detailed the visual series will be. This online video resizer allows you to change the resolution (width and height) of the video. You can resize and scale the video according to the Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook video size requirements. Some sites require the video to be a specific width or height, you can now resize the video to fit any social platform. You can resize many video formats, including MP4, MOV, WEBM, and AVI.

Windows currently does not have built-in tools that can be used to resize videos. You can use Windows Movie Maker to edit videos and add transitions, etc., but not to change the actual video resolution. Aspect ratio is perhaps the most important parameter - it ensures that your videos fit and look their best on the platform. You may have noticed that different platforms require different aspect ratios from 16: 9 on YouTube to 1: 1 on Instagram. Editing videos for each platform individually can be a lengthy process. Luckily, we've found a quick, efficient, and inexpensive way to resize your videos in a single editing session.

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